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Safety Tool kit for DIY Renovation Projects

Tackling a DIY home renovation or project? Being prepared and having the proper protective gear is the first place to start. No matter the project size, you should always be wearing the appropriate protective gear! Click here for a safety tool kit for your DIY projects.  
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Ottawa Winter Survival Guide

 Ottawa Winter Survival Guide: Tips & Tricks Well, that time of year we all dread has snuck up on us chillingly fast. Here are some Winter Survival Tips on what you should carry with you to help get you through. Whether you’re new to Ottawa or have simply erased any and all previous winter memories, this list can help you out. Click here to see Ottawa’s Winter Survival Guide.
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Heat wave continues into Wednesday: Here’s how to stay safe

Though this extended summer may be nice for some, it still can present some risks as a Heat Warning was issued for Ottawa that will extend until Wednesday. Extreme heat can effect anyone, though the risks are greater for children, pregnant woman, the elderly, and people working outside (among others). Be safe and continue to monitor the weather as it comes. If you need advice on how to stay safe until this heat breaks, click here for an interesting resource with some great tips
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